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Shortcut Trick for Percentage Problems Solve Quickly

Check Shortcut Trick for Percentage Problems Solve Quickly: Percentage questions are asked in all competitive examinations including SSC, IBPS etc. and other examinations. If the candidates know the percentage formula trick, then he/she can easily solve these percentage questions in seconds. But if he/she doesn’t know the shortcut to solve these question, then they might spare more time than required to solve these questions. So here are some awesome percentage formula shortcuts which will let you solve percentage problems in seconds.

Shortcut Trick for Percentage Problems

Suppose you are given a question like the one given below.
The price of a product is increased by 10 % and sale is decreased by 5%. Find the effect on income?
In these type of problems, we can simply apply the following formula:
If x=% increase
And y = % decrease
Then %effect = %increase -% decrease – [(%increase*%decrease)/100]
or %effect= x-y-(xy/100)
So in the above question
Given x= 10% increase
And y= 5% decrease
Putting the given values of question in formula, we get
%effect on income= 10-5-[(10*5)/100]
%effect on income= 5-(50/100)
%effect on income= 4.5% Answer.
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Lets take another example to understand this better.
The salary of a person is first increased by 20 % and then decreased by 10 %. Find the percentage effect on his salary.
We can solve the above given question using the formula given above.
%effect on salary = 20-10-[(20*10)/100] => this equals 10-(200/100)
%effect on salary =8 %
This same formula can be applied similar percentage questions and is the shortest method to solve percentage questions quickly in seconds.
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Percentage Formula shortcut #2
If the value is increased successively by x% and then by y%,
Then percentage formula is
Let x=% increase
And y = % decrease
%effect = %increase(x) +% increase(y) – [(%increase(x)*%increase(y)/100]
or %effect= x+y-(xy/100)

So it is just a sign difference between both formulas of percentage.